Presentations are like kitchen appliances

You don't need to technically understand a kitchen appliance in order to use it to improve your everyday life. The only thing you need is a good instruction manual. It's the same with presentations!

You know your topic very well and are highly appreciated in your environment. The only reason you create presentations is to communicate your work, ideas or plans to your audience. My book provides you with the necessary instruction manual.

The book

Step by step, using very concrete tools, it explains how to create a solid presentation efficiently and effectively. Without Aristotle and his friends.

Currently the book is only available in German!

Book and training, a match made in heaven!

Are you so disciplined that you read and apply textbooks without additional input? Congratulations, that's great! If not, there is the possibility to order a Presentation Training at normagraf. There you get the chance to put theory directly into practice and to clarify individual questions directly. Of course, then you get the book for free!

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